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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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deadly. the alarming trend that has doctors worried about healthy patients. hundreds of additional documents will be revealed today in the traffic jam scandal involving new jersey governor chris christie. i'm anne makovec in the newsroom with more fallout for the republican party's rising star. some breaking news overnight in san jose. three fires have burned in just a few hours in the same part of the city. kiet do is at the scene. are firefighters worried perhaps there may be an arsonist out there? >> reporter: definitely on high alert both police and fire. we are in east san jose at san antonio and 28th. this is the third fire in a three block radius all within an hour of each other. this burned the exterior of this condo. they knocked to down before it caused real damage. the other two just a couple of blocks away from here. there was a fourth incident where they were called out to the fire really never took off. so technically speaking we are looking at four incidents from
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this morning stretching back over the past three days. now we are looking at six or seven incidents. this is definitely cause for concern for them. they say though that huge five- plus alarm warehouse fire that happened yesterday, they say that that one connected to this string of fires this morning, that's going to be a difficult one to make. >> i think the ones here this morning we could fairly say they are related. we are concerned they are suspicious. and they are exterior fires threatening the interior of a home. that's concerning in wintertime in general. to tie these to a warehouse fire is a stretch. that fire was massive. the damage was extreme. it's going to take a lot more time to investigate that one. >> reporter: all righty. three days about a half dozen fires all started on the outside of buildings. sort of the same m.o. police and fire on high alert. police apparently do have a description though. they are not ready to release it just yet. live in east san jose, kiet do,
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kpix 5. that warehouse fire was the first of three fires yesterday in different parts of san jose. the last was at a condo complex yesterday evening. the condo fire at trevino terrace started just before 6:00 last night. it took more than an hour to get that out. investigators blame a malfunctioning dryer inside as firefighters rush to each scene they still had other emergencies to answer, as well. >> on top of that, we are still running medical calls, vehicles accidents, service calls throughout the city. so crews are really strung out. >> investigators still trying to find out what started the fire that swept through that warehouse on east julian street and closed two schools in the area. a house fire on south 17th street now under investigation. and it was that warehouse fire on julian street that really bogged down the morning commute on 101 yesterday. now we have an accident, this time actually in the same location as where we saw all the slowdowns yesterday. of course, this is not involving a fire. this is a four-car accident
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blocking the left lane. northbound 101 approaching julian mckee. but once again, we are seeing those backups extending just past the 280/680 interchange. so give yourself some extra time. that drive time is up 14 minutes in the northbound lanes between 280 and highway 237. things move better into santa clara. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, "friday light" not a backup in side even in the cash lanes and no metering lights yet so that's helping that commute out approaching the pay gates. it's starting to slow a little bit on the incline. northbound 880 approaching mission boulevard also we had a car went into the bushes off the roadway. everything is out of lanes off to the shoulder. and so far it's not causing any delay in that area. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. we have some changes coming this weekend. today nice, though. high pressure building overhead so kind of a quick hitter though. going to move in, going to be moving out and this weekend maybe a couple of raindrops outside.
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but out the door we go, we have mostly clear skies now. looks like we could pick up a couple of patches of fog along the coastline later on keeping temperatures in the 50s. 60s inside the bay and mostly sunny skies. mid-60s in some of the warmest valleys. out the door now, skies are nice and clear. because of that, the temperatures are colder. 36 santa rosa, 41 san jose, 50 san francisco. this afternoon, warming up to 60 degrees in san jose, 64 in oakland and 61 in san francisco. but there is a chance of rain coming our way. we'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. breaking news this morning. the target security breach that affected millions of customers was even more widespread than originally thought. last month the company announced hackers had accessed credit and debit card numbers of about 40 million people. about 20 minutes ago target said the breach also included names, addresses, phone numbers of up to 70 million of its customers. the company is now trying to contact anyone who had their
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information stolen. we are following the latest developments in a deadly flu outbreak. at least 11 people have died in the bay area and santa cruz county. so many people are getting sick, hospitals are scrambling to accommodate all the patients. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live at regional medical center in san jose. they are replacing the triage tent with a larger one. >> reporter: this one is supposed to hold three times as many as the first tent they set up because so many people are coming in, they are hoping that these additional -- or this additional tent will help not only that doctors say they are noticing more younger people being affected by the virus in such a short amount of time. we are talking younger patients like matty walker of santa rosa. when he posed for this picture the day after christmas. he thought he had pneumonia but he had h1n1. the doctors tried to save him but he died yesterday at the age of 23. >> talking about the healthy 20, 30-year-olds who feel that they're invincible and so they feel i don't need the flu shot or they will say, oh, i got the flu shot once and it made me
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immune or i got sick from the flu shot. so they don't take it again. >> reporter: are they probably the more dangerous --or the most at- risk people? >> yes because they are the ones who have a lot of interactions with other people. >> reporter: matty's father told kpix 5 he had no pre- existing medical conditions, but his son also hadn't been eating, sleeping well or drinking enough fluids and he thinks that was a contributing factor that matty wasn't able to fight off the flu. he also said let this be a lesson so doctors are also reminding people that it's not too late to get the flu shot. but keep in mind it can take two weeks to take effect. live in san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. stanford university researchers release a recent report suggesting men with higher levels of testosterone saw less benefit from flu vaccinations. it appears testosterone may interact with certain genes
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adversely affecting the body's response to the vaccine. a warning for people living in the east bay. someone is impersonating a contra costa county sheriff's officer and demanding money. the man identifies himself as lieutenant jackson of the warrant unit. the scammer claims his victims have traffic tickets or other violations. he asks for payment to be made with prepaid cards and you should know, no law agency would ask you to pay for a warrant with a prepaid card ever. more news around the bay now. this morning a teenager charged with setting another teen on fire is due in an alameda county court. 16-year-old richard thomas charged as an adult in the case. today's hearing is a move to send the case to juvenile court instead. a settlement conference in los angeles concerning the attack on san francisco giants fan bryan stow will happen today. so is now suing the l.a. dodgers claiming it failed to have enough security to prevent the attack in their parking lot
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in 2011. this morning's conference is aimed at settling that suit. it may go to trial later this month of. a new team of doctors say jahi mcmath's stabilized but others say her organs will eventually fail. one person says it's organ support, not life support. the teenager entered children's hospital oakland last month for surgery to remove her tonsils and clear tissue from her nose - dead. she is now receiving nutrition at a different facility. union city police are searching for an armed robber who shot at a man, his sister and her two-year-old son. it happened wednesday night as the three were walking from a park car to a home on santa susana way. the man who did not want to appear on camera says the robber approached him and demanded money. >> i was right here, put the money here. the money fell down. and he shoot at me. >> he says the robber then chased his sister and nephew into the backyard and fired at them before taking her purse and running off.
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police say there's no indication that these victims were specifically targeted. oakland police hope this new sketch will generate leads in the search for a suspect in a kidnapping attempt. investigators say a 19-year-old woman was able to escape the attacker on 17th street about 8:30 the night of january 1. there's a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. we haven't heard the last of what happened to stop traffic in new jersey. happening today, hundreds of additional documents are scheduled to be released in that ongoing investigation. members of governor chris christie's staff are accused of creating a roadblock as a form of political revenge. kpix 5's anne makovec is in the newsroom with the controversy for the republican party's rising star and anne, this is going to be around for a while. >> reporter: michelle, a lot of wheels in motion this morning. and as we know, all too well here in the bay area, traffic jams can be maddening,
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especially when you're dealing with a bridge so a lot of people are taking this personally. christie denies he knew anything about the scheme. more lawsuits and investigations are under way. >> i come out here today to apologize to the people of new jersey. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie apologized dozens of times during a news conference yesterday. he says he is embarrassed some of his most trusted aides allegedly orchestrated a four- day traffic jam by closing lanes on the approach to the george washington bridge in fort lee, new jersey. >> a person close to me betrayed me. >> reporter: thursday the governor fired his deputy chief of staff bridget anne kelly who sent an email to a christie associate at the agency in charge of the bridge saying, time for some traffic problems in fort lee. kelly reportedly targeted fort lee's mayor mark sokolich because he refused to endorse christie during last year's election. the republican governor traveled to fort lee to apologize to mayor sokolich in person. >> he has taken, we believe to
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be a big step in regaining the trust of our community and, quite frankly, this region. >> reporter: but at least 6 new jersey residents have filed a federal lawsuit against the governor and the state claiming the deliberate action made them late for work. the new jersey state assembly and the u.s. attorney generals office are investigating the incident. now, later today the new jersey assembly is expected to release more than 900 pages of documents collected during its investigation. that should be interesting. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. time now 6:11. it's the world's largest waterfall like you have never seen it before. frozen when niagra falls will recover from the effects of the polar vortex. >> i'm feeling it, too. >> a big victory and we're willing to back that up. >> okay! 49ers with a big game over the weekend. we are counting on a big victory, too. coming up, the big bet we have riding on the carolina game with the anchor team in charlotte, north carolina.
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>> we are looking at mostly sunny skies around the bay area but that's going to change over the weekend maybe some rain headed our way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> updating you on this accident in san jose, now two lanes are block, two of the left lanes northbound 101 approaching the mckee exit. traffic continues to back up. it's gone from bad to worse. we'll have a travel time for that area right after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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week, too. frozen niagra falls is trending. also trending 49ers. people already abuzz about sunday's big game. sj sharks, the hockey team beat detroit last night 4-1 here in the bay area. paul walker today the "fast & furious" crew will meet to discuss the future of the film franchise without paul walker and tgif! in a big way. we love friday. you can follow us at twitter at #cbssf. how about traffic? >> that's trending every friday. usually we can say it's "friday light" and it is around the bay area except a "kcbs traffic" alert in effect now in san jose. it's actually in a similar spot that slowed yesterday, yesterday was because of the warehouse fire. today there's an accident northbound 101 right at julian/mckee. now two lanes are blocked so they issued a traffic alert and they think it will be there for a half hour. there may be injuries. northbound traffic backs up around tully. 280, guadalupe parkway, those
6:17 am
are all fine alternates this morning. everything else is moving at the speed limit through downtown and the rest of san jose. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet so things look good into san francisco from the east bay. all lanes the cash and fastrak lanes are clear, even the approaches to the bay bridge throughout the east bay you can see westbound 4, no delay through the caldecott tunnel and here's a live look at telegraph. yes, problem-free this morning. so all east bay freeways pretty much moving at the speed limit. we have not seen too many incidents out there so far this morning except for that one accident in san jose. so here's a live look at the nimitz now. northbound and southbound 880, this drive time is about the same in both directions right now. what is it? 15 minutes on northbound and southbound 880 if you are commuting that stretch between 238 and the maze. and remember kcbs if anything changes, tune to kcbs radio 740- am and 106.9-fm. that's your latest traffic. for your forecast here's lawrence. >> changes coming up this weekend, liz. high pressure building in now. that should mean a lot of sunshine around a good part of the bay area today. but over the weekend, another cold front coming our way and
6:18 am
maybe a little rain too. so that ridge continues to build in today. that will bring with it a quick hitter of sunshine and some above normal temperatures. but as we slide into the weekend, a cold front headed our way likely to bring a few chances of rain to the bay area, maybe the most significant rainfall we have seen in some time and it's not even that much. still, high pressure building in for today, some hazy conditions. you can already see the cold front that is bearing down on the bay area. that pushing in toward the middle of the day tomorrow. around the state, it should be a good travel day. 66 degrees in sacramento. 63 in fresno. 61 degrees into monterey bay. a cold front sliding our way, some patchy fog for today and that will be the worst of it. then the middle of the day tomorrow, you can see the system sliding on through. not the strongest one we've ever seen but could see some rainfall by the middle of the day tomorrow. and then the skies begin to clear out as we head in toward sunday. how about rain amounts? well, we are going to see a few showers outside likely and maybe about .10", maybe a little more than that in parts of the north bay. lesser amounts as you get into towards san jose and the south
6:19 am
bay. but still, this will be the most significant rain we have seen in quite some time. so enjoy it. temperatures 50s at the coastline for today with some patchy fog. 60s inside the bay and the valleys. the next couple of days, unsettled weather into saturday. then returning to dry sunshine by sunday. much warmer weather maybe near record-breaking temperatures as we head in toward the middle of the week. and i'm dennis o'donnell. with all the 49er hyperbole this week, the sharks are still playing. home ice advantage last night. we have it for you. sharks in the wings. we'll drop the puck coming up. in today's edition of "where's roberta," it's another clue for you. it's a barrel of fun. we'll take you there as the news continues. ,,
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with the new nhl realignment, the red wings only make one visit to the shark tank during the season and it was last night. joe pavelski had the hot hand once again. he beat his team usa team made red wings goaltender jimmy howard twice. joe for the first goal of the game and in the second period he kicks the puck through his skates for the second of the night. pavelski with 21 goals to lead the team. 3-1, danny boyle caps off the night with his 8th goal of the year. sharks beat the former conference rivals, the red wings, by a final of 4-1. cal and oregon running the break justin cobb with a nice finish, matthews, three, three- pointers, and cal wins 96-83. one gruden will be in the nfl next year, john's brother jay, the new head coach of the washington redskins. jay's only previous head coaching experience was in the arena football league. finally, penn state has hired james franklin away from vanderbilt. 49ers offensive coordinator greg roman interviewed for the job. he was a finalist. so it looks at least for now that roman is staying in san francisco.
6:24 am
by the way, programming note. tune in tonight 7:00, a special time for "49er preview" because we are airing the patriots- colts game tomorrow on channel 5. so again, "49er preview" tonight at 7:00. it's going to be a big nfl weekend. get ready, everybody! i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great day. play of the day, the new york in its amar'e stoudemire -- the new york knicks amar'e stoudemire, misses a shot, team made tim hardaway, jr., cleans it up with a dunk. impressive dunk. helped the knicks to a 102-92 win at home over the world champion miami heat. your play of the day. thigh 9ers look to move one step closer to the super bowl sunday against the carolina panthers. >> and to show how confident we are, once again we are putting something on the line against
6:25 am
the morning team from our charlotte afill yeah, wbtv. >> no matter what the temperature is come monday morning it's going to be warm in charlotte as we are going to be basking in the warm glow of victory. >> i feel that warm glow already, john. i feel it. >> i can tell. >> a big panthers victory and we're willing to back that up. so here's our wager, frank and michelle. with a win by the panthers you have to use carolina panthers coffee mugs during your show monday morning. they have to be prominently displayed on you set while you do the news live. >> and plus, you're going to need to tell your viewers why you have these cups on your desk. not only on air but on twitter and facebook as well, not that we would want to rub it in, of course. >> oh, no. so have a great weekend. we know you will. maybe up until the time we start playing on sunday. we're going to show you some good old-fashioned southern hospitality. >> except for that good old southern whooping we're going to put on the 49ers. of course, afterwards we're going to be sure to say, you're welcome, y'all. so take care, and go panthers! [ cat growls ]
6:26 am
>> complete with sound effects, oo all bark, no bite. >> they are going to need their southern accent because they are going to sing i let my heart in san francisco with a southern drawl just like tony bennett would if he was in charlotte. bring on the mugs because we could use an upgrade here. >> i know, but they already sent us the mugs. but we're not going to use them. we'll use them aspen holders or something. >> i don't know. >> paperweights. all right. >> go 9ers. >> don't forget, we do want to see your 49ers pride so upload your fan photos to our website at and click on sports. we want to see it. >> so send them in. 6:26. don't use the water. that's the warning to one west virginia town. coming up, the leak that has thousands of people scrambling to buy bottled water. >> and san jose's emergency response time is lagging. coming up, the big penalties proposed if the department can't pick up the pace. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald using less water to fight a fire. coming up, we are going to take you inside the new training bay area firefighters are getting and why the concept may save lives. cell phones, laptops, ipods, ipads, all of them, they need to be charged. coming up, the unique ways to get power to your devices. >> more sunshine and warmer weather around the bay area today but we have a little rain for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and injury crash and traffic alert on 101 in san jose this morning. plus we're getting our first reports of a bad accident in the macarthur maze. we'll have a full look at your morning commute coming up. all righty, kiet do live in east san jose at the corner of 28th and san antonio. three fires have burned this
6:31 am
morning all within a three- block radius all within an hour of each other. these guys got the notification somebody passing by banging on the door this morning, woke them up. they came out with a bucket, doused it themselves. there were technically four incidents this morning if you are looking at one report where they actually showed up and there was not a fire. looking back over the past three days looking at about 6 to 7 fires all with the same m.o. and the same time of day. police and fire on high alert. we'll have more coming up. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. good morning, everybody. friday is here. it's january 10. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. the latest developments on this worsening flu season. there are at least 11 confirmed flu-related deaths in the bay area and santa cruz county. among the latest is a 23-year- old man from santa rosa who apparently had no pre-existing
6:32 am
health problems. regional medical center of san jose set up a triage tent to handle all the extra patients with flu symptoms and has already replaced the tent with a larger one. in west virginia, people are told not to drink, bathe or cook using tap water. that comes after a chemical spilled into a river in charleston yesterday. the chemical is a foaming agent used in the coal preparation process. it leaked from a tank at freedom industries. this is affecting 300,000 people in nine counties. people are stocking up on bottled water but there's fears stores will run out of supplies. >> we have talked to our supplier and hoping they can bring us a tractor-trailer load of water first thing in the morning. >> restaurants, daycare centers and schools in some of the affected counties are closed today and the governor has declared a state of emergency. new this morning, a pentagon report says the number of sexual assaults at military academies dropped slightly last
6:33 am
year, 70 reported in 2013, that's compared with 80 the year before. the report does not speculate, however, whether the decrease is due to fewer assaults or fewer reportings. 6:33. another check on the weather. >> looking good today a little patchy fog near the coastline mostly clear elsewhere but it's going to turn out to be a great friday and then we could see a little rain over the weekend. how about this? we have that ridge, you can see the clouds overhead. but a lot of sunshine coming our way inside the bay. patchy fog out toward the coastline. the temperatures are going to be warmer, especially away from the coastline, maybe some mid- 60s in some of the warmest spots. out the door we have some mostly clear skies, a little chilly in some places, especially inland. 36 in santa rosa. 41 in san jose. and 50 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, we're enjoying some sunshine and temperatures in the mid-60s in toward concord, about 63 in san jose, out at the beaches though the clouds moving in along there, temperatures generally in the 50s. more on the chance of rain coming up. right now let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. we are watching a serious
6:34 am
accident just coming in. it's in oakland. there's been some conflicting reports about exactly where it is but it's in the may see and we are going to say westbound -- in the maze and we are going to say westbound 580 in the interchange. there are conflicting reports about where the accident is blocking lanes. several are blocked. the motorcycle also caught on fire. and there is a person down in the roadway so expect some delays right now if you are heading through the maze towards the bay bridge. this traffic alert still in san jose northbound 101 by the julian/mckee exit. northbound 101 is backed up once again this morning. now two lanes are blocked. the backups begin around hellyer. consider using guadalupe parkway as an alternate. in the meantime northbound 101 looks like 20 minutes from 280 to 237. bay bridge looks like we just lost our shot but i can tell you that the metering lights are still off. it looks good coming into san francisco. back to you guys. >> thank you. a sailor from truckee was killed when a navy helicopter crashed into the atlantic.
6:35 am
25-year-old petty officer third class brian collins was one of two people killed in wednesday's crash off the coast of virginia. the search for that missing pilot has since been called off. the crew was training at the time when that helicopter went down. some new billboards are going up to expose the problem of human trafficking and sexualicsp exploitation of children including urging people not to ignore the crime. the signs will be on bus stops around the bay area. this is human trafficking awareness month in san francisco. in other news around the bay, the san jose fire department has trouble getting to emergencies on time. santa clara county officials might cut some money for san jose firefighters because of the poor response times. the county says fire departments should respond to emergencies within 8 minutes. at least 90% of the time. san jose makes it only 88% of the time. you might be asked to sign a petition concerning height limits for buildings along the san francisco waterfront. a group is trying to collect
6:36 am
about 9700 signatures by february 3. if it does, san francisco voters would decide in june whether to require public votes for any development that would exceed existing height limits. a santa clara university student was home for the holidays in oregon when he was allegedly targeted and run over by a car. 20-year-old conor mcmahon and a friend were leaving a party early on new year's day in portland. they were walking to get something to eat when someone in a passing car asked if they wanted a ride. when they said no, police say the driver made a u-turn and ran down mcmahon from behind. >> runs over my son and then continues on down lombard street, hit him from behind. he has a lot to offer. and, uhm, for someone to try to take that away is -- is -- is -- just beyond words. >> portland police are investigating this as an assault. mcmahon is expected to recover. firefighters put their lives on the line every day. only on kpix 5 this morning,
6:37 am
kiet do shows us how one bay area fire department is hoping some new techniques will make them a whole lot safer. >> reporter: it is one of the most dangerous situations for firefighters, flames burning inside a building with all the doors and windows shut. the room quickly filled with smoke that's super heated. conditions are perfect for a flashover. back in 2011, that's what killed two san francisco firefighters. everything in the room all at one time burst into flames -- everything in the room all at one time burst into flames. the best way to fight this fire used to be to use a full force of water. now they are fighting fire with less water, a fine mist. >> you have to apply the water in just the right proportion conventional thinking now lots of water puts out the fire quicker. lots of water doesn't help if
6:38 am
we can't make it to where the fire is burning. >> reporter: by using short pulses they can keep the room from flashing over and see where they are going and inch forward but spray too much watered and it fills the room with blinding hot, muggy steam so thick, you can't even see your hand in front of your face. do you think something like this will save lives? >> absolutely. the entire intent behind this is to give better training to people to identify conditions to apply just the right amount of water so that we can advance safely into a very hostile, very hot environment. >> reporter: short bursts of water. it's the latest thinking in smart firefighting where sometimes less is more. in cupertino, kiet do, kpix 5. >> well,. intel has created an easier way to power up your gadgets. this charger was unveiled at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. you just throw your gadgets
6:39 am
into a bowl and they will start charging wirelessly thanks to magnetic resonance technology whatever that is. another device is an arm band that helps you control your computer or your tablet with gestures. it detects electrical activity generated when the brain tells muscles to move. >> and then all those signals are sent into a little processor on here that's been trained using machine learning to recognize which different muscles correspond to different gestures. >> panasonic turned its booth into a beauty salon to highlight a dryer which claims to moisturize while it dries by creating tiny particles. i like that. another gadget is a smart stove with a built-in android tablet. >> i'm buying the bowl. >> i want the hairdryer. 6:39. what the courts say about hiding behind anonymous yelp reviews. >> let's check the early numbers this morning. so far, the big board looking good. we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks coming up. ,,
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[[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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th left negative some yelp reviewers are being ordered to come forward and reveal their identity. 7 people that left negative reviews for a carpet cleaning business. but the owner of the business says they were never customers. he sued for def nation and the cord sided with him when he sued for defamation. the judge ruled first amendment is not a protection for knowingly false statement. a pg&e email scam is forcing a nationwide alert targeting people across the country. the email includes a pg&e bill and asks for payments. the utility says it only asked for personal information via its own website or through a representative over the phone. it may have been job frustration and not job creation that led to a lower unemployment rate. here to chat kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks on this friday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. good morning, michelle.
6:44 am
a surprisingly weak december jobs report coming from the labor department this morning. a gain of only 74,000 jobs by the economy. analysts were expecting to gain around 200,000. despite that, the unemployment rate fell to 6.7%. that's the lowest level since october of 2008 after being at 7% in november. but that came as fewer people entered the workforce. the labor participation rate fell on a civilian level to 62.8%, a 35 year low. also, that monthly gain was the weakest in three years. it came after a couple of strong months in october and november. the labor department also revised november's gain higher from 203 to 241,000 so a little piece of good news in there. target this morning is revealing that data breach that occurred before christmas was much worse than it first reported. it says accounts of 70 million customers were hacked into instead of the original report
6:45 am
of 40 million. it includes more than just credit card and p.i.n. numbers. also email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses. if you were a target customer between thanksgiving and christmas, best to make sure that your credit card has not had any fraudulent activity on it. at the very least, change your password and your p.i.n.s from those accounts. the stock market handling the jobs report in stride this morning. let's take a look at the big board. the dow is up by 22. nasdaq is gaining 7. the s&p it's moving higher bee 2 points. twitter trying to recover after a rough week up slightly. it's up 2%, down 17% on the week. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. time now for a check of traffic. liz, how are we doing on this friday? >> you know, it is rough going. for a while things were looking good until we had a couple of accidents including this one. chp just confirmed with us this is a fatal motorcycle accident. expect huge delays into the
6:46 am
macarthur maze. so the accident is westbound 580 near the 80 split. several lanes are blocked. you can see traffic is just beginning to stack up. but, of course, this is a fatal accident. they have to conduct an investigation. for a while the motorcycle was fully engulfed. again, that is definitely going to be a traffic alert heading into the macarthur maze in oakland. also, this continues to cause problems in san jose. northbound 101 by the julian/mckee exit. they were able to re-open one more lane but we're still seeing the delays backed up well beyond capitol expressway toward hellyer. there was actually another earlier accident in the backup by that tully exit. so traffic is extra jammed in those northbound lanes. use the guadalupe parkway. traffic moves much better in the south bay. obviously 101 about 19 or 20 minutes. but it could be even longer than that between 280 and highway 237. all right. what's driving you crazy this morning? we heard from debbie: p of them! it seems that half of vehicles on the road do thid it makes no sense!!" hey debbie.. we picked
6:47 am
this one because we've had e foggy commutes lately, and your e is a good reminder. we should all be using our lowm he cities debby we have had some foggy commutes late le and your email is a great reminder. we should all be using low beams in extreme weather conditions. if you have fog lights, use them too. fog can actually be more dangerous than snow. just as important, chp says, you shouldn't use your high beams because they can cause more glare and make conditions even more unsafe. thanks, debbie. we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by e-mailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix, and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. that is a check of your "kcbs traffic." for your forecast now, here's lawrence. >> debbie is right. fog the leading weather-related cause of death in california. now, on that happy note, let's go on to today. [ laughter ] >> we have high pressure building in overhead.
6:48 am
we have some low clouds moving in along the coastline. but that ridge will bring more sunshine outside and it looks like some warmer temperatures but it's just going to be a quick mover so today a warmer afternoon around the bay area. some patchy fog at the coast. and then another chance of some rain over the weekend. this one looks to be a little more significant than the one that moved through yesterday. here's that ridge off the coastline right now bringing with it the hazy conditions now. here's the cold front that will likely slide in for tomorrow to bring with it a chance of rain especially toward the middle of the day. no delays expected at sfo right now. but other parts of the country not so lucky. we're already seeing some delays in chicago as we're seeing, well, some pretty unseasonable conditions for them. they have 36 degrees and snow there early on turning to rain this afternoon and some fog. thunderstorms could cause some problems into houston at 73. and you're looking at some cold showers, 44 degrees, in new york. all right, let's time out the system here. you can see the cold front beginning to sag into the bay area about 2 p.m. start to make its way along the peninsula through the central bay and then headed to the south bay, not the strongest
6:49 am
system we have ever seen, maybe a debt, about .15" of rain where the system as it moves through, .10 to .15. temperatures in the 50s and 60s around the bay area today, mid- 60s in the warmest spots. a dry friday. but tomorrow, yeah, looking a little bit wet, especially in toward the middle of the day. dry weather returns on sunday. and then as we get into the next week, can you believe it, guys, back to near record possibly record-breaking temperatures as we head in toward tuesday and wednesday. and with some strong offshore winds, fire danger could be an issue. that's unusual. >> it's crazy. usually mount diablo is almost green by now in the hills. >> haven't had rain. >> we need it. thank you. 6:49 now. the search is on for our very own roberta gonzales. >> yeah. it's part of something new we're kicking off right here at kpix 5 called "where's roberta?" highlighting the unique qualities the bay area has to offer and she gave us some hints earlier. but it's time for the big reveal. so roberta, the big question,
6:50 am
where are you? >> reporter: welcome to whent vineyards in livermore. it's a cold start in livermore. i chose this because this is one of my favorite places to ride my bike. we had the opportunity to talk to those who mend and tend to the vineyard here. and it actually in turn makes me a better weather forecaster. so let me introduce to whent vineyards in livermore with "where's roberta?" welcome to livermore. elevation 495 feet above sea level and nestled on the eastern edge 30 miles behind the coastal range of mountains surrounding the san francisco bay. a little over 82,000 people call livermore home. but over a couple of hundred thousand my great to the livermore valley for dining and golf at wente guard jeans this is the oldest continuously
6:51 am
operated in california. my great-great-grandfather came from germany and bought this area and we have been growing and making wine since then. >> reporter: meet carl, winemaker but more. as someone whose livelihood depends on the weather. >> i appreciate the weather. i'm farming 2200 acres of grapes and the weather is critical. >> all the windmills are an indication of the cool air that comes in so the interior gets warm, hot air rises and pulls in the cold air. so warm days, cool nights and great soil. >> reporter: what does carl think about our drought? >> hopefully the water comes and gets into the soil so right now i'm not worried. if we are a mid-march and it's still dry, we have a lot larger problem. >> reporter: wente vineyards is one of the california's premier wine country destinations. besides its world-renowned wine it's revered as one of the bay area's most beautiful and challenging golf courses. >> you will love it. it is the best course in the
6:52 am
bay area. you will not be disappointed. >> reporter: and i got to tell you, folks, wente vineyards has two locations. we are at the estate and tasting room which opens at 11 a.m. here on tesla road but there's another tasting room which hosts the big giant concert series as well that goes on all summer long because the weather is conducive. that's located off arroyo road where we hope to be later on today for our noon broadcast. but i want you to facebook me, tweet me, i want you to let me know where to show up in your neighborhood with "where's roberta?"? i want to hear from all of you. >> that's great. nice job. did you get if i samples at all, roberta? >> reporter: golf tips, yes. [ laughter ] >> we'll stick with that. very good. thanks. it is 6:52 now. what are you looking forward to in the new year? coming up, the top events americans just can't wait to watch. >> reporter: another morning, another rash of overnight fires in east san jose. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. ,,
6:53 am
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. of emergency fol into the elk five things to know at the :55. west virginia governor earl ray has declared a state of emergency following a chemical spill in the elk river portion of charleston. at least 100,000 people are being told now to not drink, cook, bathe or wash clothes using tap water because of the spill. officials aren't sure what harm the chemical could pose. new jersey governor chris christie has apologized for what he calls the stupid behavior of his staff members. christie insisted he had no idea anyone in his administration engineered a traffic jam as a political vendetta against the democratic mayor of fort lee, new jersey. lawmakers are investigating the incident. and there are now at least 11 confirmed flu-related deaths in the bay area in santa cruz county. hospitals are seeing a big jump
6:57 am
in patients with flu-like symptoms. regional medical center in san jose put up a tent this week just to accommodate the extra patients and has set up a larger tent. regional is seeing about 70 more patients a day than normal this flu season. the target security breach was much worse than originally thought. last month, the company announced hackers had accessed credit and debit card numbers of about 40 million people. this morning, target said the breach also included names, addresses and phone numbers of up to 70 million customers. the company is now trying to contact anyone who had their information stolen. >> what about. a poll finds 58% of americans are looking forward to next month's winter olympics in sochi, russia, 55% are looking forward to next month's super bowl. i'm kiet do live at the corner of 28th and san antonio in east san jose. three fires have been reported
6:58 am
and burned this morning all within a three-block radius all within an hour of each other. this fire started in an orange toolbox. somebody came by and knocked on the door, woke up the homeowner. they came out, knocked the flames down. but you can see the charred remains of the outside of the house here. not too much bad damage. looking back over the past three days, we're talking about 7 or 8 incidents all happening within the same early overnight hours all burning outside of homes. we talked to the homeowners. she didn't want to appear on camera but talked about you who she battled the flames this morning. you were able to take matters into your own hands. >> yes. >> make sure your house didn't catch on fire. >> yes. >> reporter: tell us how you did that. >> just put water on it. that was it. >> reporter: what did you use to put out the fire? >> garbage can and two water pitchers. >> reporter: what do you want to say to the guy who did this? >> he shouldn't be doing this.
6:59 am
it's harming people's lives and we don't deserve it. >> reporter: i asked you this before, but why would somebody do something like this? >> because they're crazy. that's all i can think of is that they are crazy they have nothing better to do. >> reporter: and there was a fourth incident where the fire did not catch so technically there were four items or incidents that happened this morning. police and fire are on high alert. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. just a quick note expect some big delays for a while in the maze. this is a fatal motorcycle accident westbound 580 before the 680 interchange. traffic is jamming up. >> liz a lot of sunshine for most of the bay area today a little patchy fog toward the coastline this afternoon. temperatures going to be warmer mainly into the 60s. 50s coastside. but this weekend, chance of rain on saturday. >> hopefully we get rain. >> did you say weekend? >> yeah! >> there we go. >> yay! >> have a great day.
7:00 am
"cbs this morning" is coming up next. enjoy your friday. captions by: caption colorado the west. it is january 10, 2014. welcome to cbs this morning. the fbi involved in the chris christie bridge scandal. will the governor's apology tour quiet critics? a spill contaminates the water for more than a quarter million. target data breach puts more at risk than first thought. information may have been stolen from 70 million customers and the author of a controversial new book is in studio 57, but we begin with today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. a chemical spill has contaminated the water supply for more than 100,000 customers. >>


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